The Adventures of Bubbles and Friends

This is Bubbles, he is a male Betta. He is comfortable & optimistic in his new home. We know this because he likes to make bubble nests in the hopes that a female Betta may join him someday.


Once there was a little curious fish, not SO curious, who got adopted, in a nice new household.

With a little green plant and food (for fish), everything went fine.

Benjamin, his little friend was a generous friend, who loved showing him everything and feeding him.

These are Bubbles’ friends… In the photo on the left you see Bubbles & Alexandra looking at each other. In the photo on the right you see Bubbles hiding from hungry Benjamin, who has been known to eat fish! But don’t worry, Benjamin & Bubbles are just joking around, they are friends & no fish were harmed in the telling of this story.