Announcing: Penny’s Adventures

Once upon a time there was a little not quite entirely black dog in a big colourful land with many people and other creatures.

She started life in a small town with a family who left her at the local pound.  Abandoned at about one year old, she was rescued by Barlee’s Angels Rescue Network and placed in foster care.  Her name is Penny, and while she waits for her forever family to find her and take her home, she is working hard to be the best Penny she can be.  Her foster family is doing their best to teach her what it means to be a good member of the household as well as expose her to as many situations as she can participate in so she can learn how to be safe and listen to her people in different environments.

As Penny grows up her foster family take photos and videos of her adventures along the way.  Though Penny is a real dog in need of a good home, the materials we’ve collected from her experiences are being used as part of a series of fictional stories for children on this web site… and so “Penny’s Adventures” is born.

Penny: Named for her bright brown eyes, despite being mostly black, has brown eyeliner + a tiny white patch in the centre of her chest.

2 thoughts on “Announcing: Penny’s Adventures

  1. I hope very much, Alexandra, that you read these stories to Benjamin until he is able to read them for himself.
    I know you enjoy reading and like to learn new words too, so I will try my best to add to your vocabulary.

  2. Hi Andrew, I bet you’re having fun at hockey and school. Sounds like you’re having your own adventures. May you & your brothers, Alex & Adam, find time to enjoy Penny’s Adventures too.

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