Penny’s Adventures: Niagara-on-the-Lake – Part Two of Two

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After Nancy and Derek had a little chuckle at Penny’s reaction to new sounds, they walked on to explore the rest of the park.

Derek & Penny posing in front of a fountain into which Penny belly flopped & then swam, much to Derek & Nancy’s surprise!

Nancy took a photo of Derek and Penny by an in-ground fountain, after which she and Derek started to discuss where to explore next.

While they spoke standing next to the still water of the cool fountain’s pond in the sun, Penny must’ve gotten bored because she leaped into the pond and swam.

Derek and Nancy were not expecting this and they both got splashed. Tsk tsk Penny!

Penny, Derek & Nancy walked along the shore.




After they finished exploring the main park by the Niagara-on-the-Lake strip, they walked on to a small beach area with a pebble shore where Penny enjoyed sniffing all the new smells and drying her fur in the warm sun.


Penny, Derek & Nancy watched sailboats go by. This is one of them.



As Penny dried, the three of them walked along the shore jumping over drift wood pulled out of the water and onto land by others, stepping around the occasional puddle, and climbing up onto a long strip of very green grass running along the shore at a higher elevation where they found a park bench to sit and watch some sailboats.

After a short rest, the three returned to the Niagara-on-the-Lake strip and saw some parked horse carriages on a road shared by cars.

There were a few horses & carriages parked by the Prince of Wales Hotel waiting for a fare.


As Nancy stood on the sidewalk focused on taking this photograph before the light changed and cars got between her and her subject, there was a car stopped at the edge of the road to her right with a young man in it changing into his band uniform smiling and waving at her because he thought she was taking a photograph of him.


Derek waited on the sidewalk with Penny and laughed a lot because Nancy didn’t notice the young man at all and he looked like he was in quite a state of undress at the time.

Penny stuck her tongue out at the horse trotting passed.



After visiting a couple more shops and consuming a couple more treats, they crossed the street to the horse carriage parking area where they saw a few carriages go by with their fares.

Penny was very interested in watching the horses and listening to their loud trotting shoed hooves as they passed.  She even perked up one of her ears to hear each click clack sound as clearly as possible.




All these new experiences and all this excitement proved to make for a long day for little Penny.

Our visit to Niagara On The Lake tired out Little Miss. Penny & she slept most of the way home.

We walked back to the car and though Penny loves car rides and looking out the window to see what is going during the drive, she was too tired to sit in her seat on the way home so she lay down and fell asleep.

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